What is Anamé Program?

“Anamé Program is nothing but a deep karmic cleanse that reaches all the way down to the roots. Not only does it heal the body and the soul but also awakens who you really are. All the broken, fractured pieces get purified and unite to form a perfect whole again.” (Quote from the book ‘Karmakiller’)


Anamé Program® is a personalized program and is very different from traditional kundalini yoga.
The main difference is that by using this method, kundalini energy becomes accessible even for people with various physical conditions (have difficulties with certain movements or suffer from a disease), as due to my serious illnesses, I had physical difficulties myself when I started developing the exercises. This experience urged me to aim for the fastest and strongest effects and results, using the simplest movements and breathing techniques, without any unnecessary fluff or ideology.

Uniquely in the world, we work solely with customized exercises during our private therapy classes, and these exercises are always based on your chakra diagnosis. Having a precise and personalized plan allows us to achieve the desired results accurately, safely and as fast as possible. In our group classses, we offer you so much more than simple yoga classes as well. Taking your current state and your body‘s energy system into account, our instructors pay special attention to you. We modify your exercises if neccessary so that everyone can progress in their own pace and your development is gradual and strong. This is how we support you on your journey with us.


  • Chakra diagnosis
    Your body automatically reveals your physical, mental and spiritual state. You only need to be standing straight with your arms up for a couple of seconds to allow us to set up your chakra diagnosis. If, due to your health conditions this is not possible, it can alternatively be done in a sitting position as well. The proportions of the body, the muscle tones and the position of the bones show us which chakra we have to start the work with.
  • Personalized technique
    In our private therapy classes we map your energy pattern based on your chakra diagnosis, and suggest exercises that you need the most. Everyone is unique and one of a kind, just like your current state of development. That is why we work with you in a customized way, so that your progress can be as fast as possible.
  • Dynamic energy exercises
    Our exercises have strong effects. We work with a very powerful energy and you will be able to notice changes right after the first couple of classes. This does not mean that the exercises are difficult to perform. On the contrary, anyone can practice with us regardless of their health or physical condition. This has been one of our core values since the very beginning of Anamé Program.
  • Cleansing and energizing chakras
    We loosen up your existing energy blocks by chakra cleansing and fill their place with high frequency energy. As a result of this, you can already experience cleansing symptoms and intense physical sensations during your very first class. This shows that the energy is finally flowing more freely in your body and that your blocks and difficulties are beginning to clear out.