What is the Anamé Program?

‘Anamé Program is no other, than a deep karmic purification that penetrates to the roots. Not only does it heal your body and soul, but it will awaken in you, who you really are. All the broken, fallen apart fragments will reunite to form a perfect whole’ Quotation from the book: Karmakiller_tmpfotó

Anamé Program® is a personalized program and it is different from the traditional kundalini yoga.

The difference lies in the fact, that kundalini energy is accessible through this technique also for people with reduced physical conditions (who have difficulties to move, or are suffering from any disease), as at the time of elaborating this practice, I also had difficulties to move due to my own serious illness. This experience urged me to reach the most rapid and strongest effect with the simplest movements and respiration, free of any ideology or frills.

Unparalleled anywhere in the world; in the Anamé Program we are working solely with customized exercises, based on chakra diagnosis. This allows us to accurately and safely achieve the desired results with this energy, in accordance with the precise and personalized plan. We are offering you much more than just yoga classes. When joining us, our instructors will make your chakra diagnosis taking into account your actual health conditions. You will get your customized list of exercises that will provide a much faster and intensive development. We will be supervising your progress at the beginning of all classes, and we will suggest new exercises if necessary. This is how we are supporting you on your way.


  • Chakra diagnosis
    Your body involuntarily uncovers your physical, mental and spiritual status. You only need to be standing straight with your hands up for a couple of seconds to get your chakra diagnosis. If the above is not possible due to your actual health conditions, it can be done also while sitting, as the proportions of your body, muscle tones, and the position of bones will show us in which chakra we have to start the work.
  • Personalized technique
    We will map your energy pattern on the basis of the chakra diagnosis, and we propose exercises you need the most. Every human being is unique and unrepeatable, such as our state of development. Our instructors do a personalized work so you can advance as fast as possible.
  • Dynamic energy-exercises
    Our exercises have strong effects, we are working with high energies, therefore you will be detecting changes right after the first few classes. However, anybody can execute these exercises of the Anamé Program, in any state of health. This was a fundamental requirement when we elaborated the Anamé Program.
  • Purifying and energizing chakras
    With the purification of the chakra, we are eliminating your energy blocks, and refill their place with high frequency energy. As a result of this, you will feel the symptoms of purification with intense physical sensations. This will be the sign, that energy flow is relaunched in your body and you liberate yourself from your blockages and difficulties.