What is the Anamé Program?

The Anamé Program is a deep karmic cleansing which penetrates to the roots. Not only does it heal the mind and the body, but also awakens your true self. “All the broken and shattered fragments in you will unite in purity to form a perfect whole.” – quote from Karmakiller

The Anamé Program is a personalized program. It is not the traditional kundalini yoga. The only difference is that with our program the kundalini energy is available for those who are not in perfect physical condition (have a physical disability or are suffering from a diseases). When I created this practice, I was suffering from severe diseases which limited my movement. This simple fact convinced me that with the simplest movement and breathing practices, devoid of any kind of ideology and frills, I can achieve rapid and strong effects. It is unique in the Anamé Program that we work with personalized exercises based on chakra diagnosis. This makes it possible to reach quickly, accurately and safely the desired results with the given energy according to a personalized plan. We offer more than just yoga classes. When you join us, our instructors take into account your current health condition to do your chakra diagnosis. Following the diagnosis, we offer you a range of personalized exercises which allow a fast and intense development. At the beginning of every class we trace your progress and, if necessary, we propose you new exercises. This is how we accompany you on your path.

Chakra Diagnosis

Your body involuntarily uncovers your physical, mental, and spiritual status. To get a chakra diagnosis, you don’t have to do anything special, just to stand straight with hands up for a few seconds. If this is not possible due to your health condition it can be done while sitting since the proportions of your body, the muscles and the positions of the bones, will show us clearly where we need to start working.

Personalized Approach

According to the chakra diagnosis, we map your energy pattern and will recommend you exercises you most need. Each person is unique and unrepeatable, therefore, their development will differ. Our instructors do a personalized job, so you can advance as quickly as you can.

Dynamic Exercises for Energy

These practices have a strong effect. We work with big energy, so the change is noticeable immediately after the first classes. Nevertheless, the exercises of Anamé Program are feasible for everybody; they can be performed in any health and fitness condition. This has been a fundamental consideration from the outset.

Chakra Cleansing and Energizing

The stored up and blocked energy in your body will be dissolved through chakra cleansing, and filled up with high vibrational frequency energy. As a result of this, the cleansing symptoms will appear with intense physical sensations. This is the sign of the initiation of the energy flow in your body. It indicates that you start to liberate yourself from your difficulties.